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Overcoming Labor Shortages

If you work in construction chances are you’ve been working a few more hours, wearing several more hats of responsibility and perhaps even increasing the flow of your personal caffeine drip.  You don’t need to be informed that there is a labor shortage, you’ve been living it and are keenly acquainted with the reality.  One question I keep hearing from construction leaders is why don’t people want to work anymore? While that is a valid question - I think it is vital to first figure out how you, y…

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Can An Assessment Really Change My Company’s Bottom Line?

The last thing that any business owner needs is a tool that encourages their employees to proceed with introspective “naval gazing.” Long term self-centered thinking, or extended focus on a single issue without action benefits no one. What leaders need are tools that drive clarity, confidence and release vision, innovation, action and equity needed to be their best. 

No one person holds all of the components, but as leaders we can build teams that do! Today I want to share with you how one asse…

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