Can An Assessment Really Change My Company’s Bottom Line?

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The last thing that any business owner needs is a tool that encourages their employees to proceed with introspective “naval gazing.” Long term self-centered thinking, or extended focus on a single issue without action benefits no one. What leaders need are tools that drive clarity, confidence and release vision, innovation, action and equity needed to be their best. 

No one person holds all of the components, but as leaders we can build teams that do! Today I want to share with you how one assessment has unexpectedly transformed not only my business, but my life!

If you are like most business owners and leaders when you hear about the next or the newest assessment you have a natural tendency to simply roll your eyes and move on. As a leader you feel like, “I’ve been there done that!” I hear you and I feel for you. Countless companies and individual leaders
have dumped large amounts of time and resources into team trainings and assessments that leave them feeling a bit flat. If you are a leader who has felt burned in this process and felt there was no ROI, you’re not alone. From the word go I want to acknowledge and validate your knee jerk response, but I
as one who has worked in team development for nearly 25-years, I beg you to take this one for a test drive!

As a Consultant and Coach specializing in leadership development and teams, I’ve been immersed in tools for over two decades: Meyers Briggs, DISC, Archetype, EQ, Color Code, Clifton Strengthfinder 2.0, The Enneagram Type, the list goes on! However, four years ago I was encouraged to take an
assessment myself as I was preparing for a company onsite with about 75 employees. I agreed to complete the Core Values Index, little did I know it would be a major turning point not only in my coaching approach but in my personal relationships. 

I was astounded by the results, not only did they seem accurate and affirming (which many assessments are) the tool shed light on and gave articulation to my WHY in life as well as clarifying the stuck points in my personal business and leadership process.

If those two things weren’t enough, the Core Values Index also spoke powerfully into my marriage dynamic and cultivated greater communication and unity.  If you were to meet my husband and I, like most you’d recognize we are incredible opposites – yet we complement each other well. However, the CVI results revealed we were the same in far more ways than imaginable! Our primary Core Values are the same – we are both innovative problem solvers who highly value wisdom. While each person’s CVI results are as unique as their fingerprints, these similarities have helped us grow as a team and discover greater ways to choose collaboration over independence.

My Top Takeaways From The Core Values Index:

  • It has the ability to articulate the WHY we show up in life.
  • Clearly articulates and measures capacity for output.
  • Reveals key Core Values needed to strengthen teams.
  • How we show up and perform in our work goes way beyond our personality and stress responses.

Going Deeper & Simplifying Team Building

I don’t believe any one tool is the sure answer to any leader or company’s total need, however, the Core Values Index helps bring extraordinary clarity to individual success patterns, team dynamics and has the ability to drive development of healthy culture in the workplace and beyond.

As a Consultant and Coach, I’ve had the privilege of using the CVI to draw out and grow leaders to their next level; help teams recognize dysfunction and overcome it; empower HR teams in swift accurate hiring; and assist with intentional culture building to transform an industry.

If you’d personally like to experience this powerful tool, I want to extend an invitation to take the assessment: Discover My Personal Core Values

Using the Core Values Index, we will uncover a person's intrinsic Core Values and a new awareness!  As a Consultant and Coach I'm on a mission to help owners, CEOs, and leaders see into areas where they typically
are blind.  The more leaders see with clarity, the more likely they will expand their business toward greater success.

Most of the time it is not a lack of skills or training that determines performance, it is understanding the Core Values of people. To achieve bottom line results, learn how to cultivate a culture of honor that optimizes your workforce. As leaders may we all stretch ourselves as learners of life; living and leading far beyond the social norms of navel gazing to achieving true innovation and transformation for our businesses and the regions we influence.