Leave the messy, stressful hiring process and bad hires in the past.  

Building Excellence supports your people and refines your process
with the ease and insights of the Core Values Index.

Find Qualified Candidates

The CVI measures the true capacity and natural strengths of an individual. Understand what motivates and makes a person tick - not measuring personality, but truly how a person spends themselves and what their best contribution to the world looks like.

Onboard for Success

Find out how to honor the strengths of your employees and optimize their performance. The CVI can not only empower you to lead others better, but it gives language and actions to build a stronger team.

Optimize Your Team

The CVI takes the guess work out of hiring. You can create job listings, and performance profiles that create a filter that drives the right talent to your team. You can also generate reports to track performance and best support your employees with reviews that create supportive growth plans.

Most of the time it is not a lack of skills or training that determines performance, it is understanding the Core Values of people. To achieve bottom line results, learn how to value and optimize your workforce. Leaders need tools that drive clarity, confidence and release vision, innovation, action and the equity needed to be their best. No one person holds all of the components, but as leaders we can build teams that do! The Core Values Index can equip you to do just that - BUILD YOUR TEAM.

Top Takeaways From The Core Values Index:

  • It has the ability to articulate the WHY we show up in life.
  • Clearly articulates and measures capacity for output.
  • Reveals key Core Values needed to strengthen teams.
  • How we show up and perform in our work goes way beyond our personality and stress responses.