Team training

Team Development

You Want an A-Team? Equip Them.

Discover 3-Powerful Ways Strengthen Your Team

The demands on your company are great.
The team’s capacity is pressed daily.

This is how you strengthen your team and avoid burning out your star players.

  • Group Training Sessions
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Resource Development

It is great to work with business owners and help them expand their leadership
skills and growth strategy for their business, but it is truly a powerful dynamic when you bring
the top leaders of a company together and go after intentional growth as a group.

When coaching and consulting with teams, Building Excellence customizes our approach to best meet the top priorities and focused development the company needs.
Teams are served in 3-ways:

  • Group Training Sessions that are typically 3-4 hours in length occurring monthly or quarterly. Each session helps facilitate group collaboration and solution building for specific development areas culminating with keen action strategy.
  • The group trainings are further supported by 1:1 coaching with the individual leaders to best support their areas of responsibility and the implementation of the development strategy.
  • Finally as it is needed, Building Excellence will help build custom tools to serve your team in communications, HR or even creating your own coaching model within your company.

Building Excellence is a great resource that comes alongside your leadership to further support your voice and expand the capacity of your team.

  • Building Excellence

    “My experience with Layla has been excellent. I believe we have experienced momentum in many areas where we have felt somewhat stuck. Her ability to see and speak truth into situations as well as the visionary aspect she brings has brought an encouragement to take action on things and directions that we know to. It has supported our leadership in many ways, but one way that I particularly love is the freedom to operate as we all do and be who we are thus creating strength within the team to serve the company well.”

    Owner & Cultural Lead

  • Building Excellence

    “I love that Layla does a great job of helping us create actionable items relevant to our situation to keep us on the path of improvement. I believe Layla effectively listens and assists the team to stretch and continuously find a path for improvement.”

    Executive Team Leader

Every team is only as good as it’s weakest link.

Safeguard your team from high turn-over and burnout by
equipping them with new skills and an effective support system.