Often we don’t have a year to commit to development - we need results NOW.
Workshops are a great venue to hit challenges head on, find a solution and create an actionable strategy.


Hands-on Training for Immediate Action

  • Core Values Foundations
  • Clarity & Focus
  • Culture to Drive Innovation

Work Never Felt So Fun!

Building Excellence hosts regional workshops on key topics including Core Values Foundations, Time Leadership, Creating Culture to Drive Innovation, and the Clarity & Focus Workshop. These workshops can be 3-hours to 1.5 days depending on the group and scope of the need.

Building Excellence creates an engaging time of training with collaborative problem solving and hands-on implementation of tools, resources and solutions. Learning new skills and growing teams should be fun and engaging and we aim to make every attendee feel seen, valued and equipped to lead with greater confidence and efficiency.

We have found these workshops to be helpful to individual businesses, regional exchanges, chamber of commerce and board of directors.

You can check our blog, “Innovation Incubator,” for upcoming events or request to have a custom workshop for your team or organization.

  • Building Excellence

    “Refocusing on company objectives - helps drive movement and higher-level execution. This helps to pull me out of the weeds of the day-to-day tasks. This also helps drive company-wide movement by unifying our executive team. Her business experience and ability to quickly understand our business model has made her a valuable and insightful partner. I truly enjoy working together and learning from her.”

    HR Director

  • Building Excellence

    “Wow! Personal development is so important. I've learned so much from Layla Fay on living our legacy now! So powerful, 'Your destiny hinges on your next best decision.' Thank you for the confidence you've given me to move forward with excitement and accountability.”

    Owner & Operator

  • Building Excellence

    “This lady right here! She is a true example of positivity attracting others. Her belief in people is so powerful and her visions of the future are huge! If you have ever wanted to dig deeper, dream bigger and reach for the stars Layla Fay is the person to help you do just that.”



Let us help you create a workshop that meets the top needs of your company while
equipping individuals with new leadership skills that can be applied today!
There are ways to shift focus, realign actions and create fresh momentum now…
No delays, no long learning process, just healthy actionable decisions.