Core Values Index: Jump Start

If you need help seeing blindspots in your leadership or on your team, the CVI will give you new eyes to see.

The Core Values Index scores 97.7% repeat reliability; while the Myers-Briggs scores only 70% and the DISC scores 86% repeat reliability.

Find out how to honor the strengths of your employees and optimize their performance. The CVI can not only empower you to lead others better, but it gives language and actions to build a stronger team.

This Jump Start is designed to help you gain valuable insights on how you are uniquely hardwired and skills to empower you to live to your highest and best potential by applying the Core Values Index to your daily living and leadership.  You will receive:

  • Your personal Core Values Index link and full report. 
  • A 90-minute Coaching Session reviewing your personal Core Values. You will gain a complete understanding of the index while you walk out communication exercises to apply to both your personal and professional life.  Walking away with a custom action plan.
  • Two weeks after your initial session you will have a 30-minute live coaching session to follow up on your action steps and assess your personal next steps.
  • One month later you will have another 30-minute live coaching session to help empower you further in applying the Core Values Index to daily living so you can live and lead to your highest potential.
  • Coach will provide any additional handouts, coaching resources required to help you make your next steps.
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