Get 'R Done Toolbox: Journeyman

Recruit. Hire. Retain.

Stop running the rat race and feeling like you are begging for talent and labor... discover simple solutions to recruit, hire and retain top talent and start building a team that lasts. This 1-stop resource is designed to make your job easier.  Not only do you get access to proven solutions – but you gain a personal advocate that is committed to helping you and your team thrive!

  • Customized HR Library including recruiting ads, Job Postings, Interview Tactics
  • Hiring Forms, Job Descriptions, Offers, Onboarding Success Strategy
  • Cultivating Team, Retainment Tactics, Employee Reviews, Cross Training Tactics, Communication Best Practices, Feedback Surveys
  •  Video Trainings on Best Practices & Coaching Tips to Lead Your Team


  • Live 90-minute monthly group coaching call; come & receive personal support for your HR & team needs
  • Hands-on Q&A Session creating custom solutions and working through your HR challenges
  • Personal Email Support
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