5-Questions That Drive Clarity

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I believe that if you don't have the answers you want, it's because you aren't asking the right questions.  Today I want to ask you a few key questions to help break past the noise that is robbing you of clarity and focus. 

The demands on your time, resources and talents are intense.  As a business owner and professional in construction, you are pressured with the need to make countless decisions in the course of a day.  One thing that has been a constant among the leaders I've connected with over the past few years is decision fatigue - it's a real thing.  This fatigue becomes all the more weighty when you are having to make the same decisions repeatedly - which can shutdown and lock up even some of the most gifted and dynamic industry leaders!  Pressure of time constraints, labor shortages, supply chain delays all add up to creating the perfect storm of overwhelm and can cost you and your team clarity and focus.

If you are feeling burdened, tired, overwhelmed or simply scatter-brained with the 101 decisions you need to make yesterday - take a deep breathe and pause (just a short break, I promise).  Here are 5 questions to help you rise above the chaos and re-establish your clarity and a simple focus for the day, month and quarter (you decide).

5-Questions to Reclaim Clarity & Focus

  1. What am I most grateful for right now? And what do I want to be celebrating/grateful for in the next 30-days? (this isn't some woo-woo practice, bear with me - what you are grateful for and want to celebrate drives your actions.)
  2. If only ONE thing can get done in the next 30-days what does it need to be? Get honest and don't let anything stop you from doing this ONE thing.  Make room now on your schedule to make it happen - and don't except delays or excuses.
  3. What do you want to experience professionally in the next 30-days? (New contracts, more focused team members, recognition, greater skills on my team?)
  4. Right now I will recognize my strengths as _______________? (Write out your top strengths that you want to lead and serve with.  Recognize who you are and the value you carry - this is not pride being stirred up, but rising up to your true potential)
  5. In the next month I will empower those around me in the following ways: (pick 1-3 people you will invest in and how you will empower them)

These may not be the questions you thought they would be... but these simple reflections can help you quickly get clear on what is top priority and create an action plan to support it.

Don't allow the tyranny of the urgent (some other dude's crisis, to become your emergency) to rob you of momentum and strength.  You are positioned to serve, lead and excel with clarity and focus that produces confidence in those around you!  Don't partner with the panic that comes from busyness, stay grounded.  Your day may be FULL, but it is on PURPOSE and your efforts and decisions will be productive.

Lead on!!!


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